organized for 2020

Getting Organized for 2020

Happy New Year, friends! You know what’s crazy? We’re living in the twenties. So bonkers. As we kick off the new year, what better way than getting organized for 2020?

This blog has been a pretty strictly writing-based space. I do have a solid plan for the blog this year that will definitely include writing/editing/publishing posts, but I’ve always had this yearning to post here about other things. This year, I’m going to use this space much more, with more diverse content. (I hope that excites you like it excites me.)

I’m a Type-A personality with a big ol’ flourish of creative spirit. Yes, that is a difficult balancing act (I just want things to follow order, but as any writer will know, drafting rarely follows order). So, how do I keep sane while drafting?

I’ve been using an Erin Condren Planner for a couple of years now, and each year the way I use the planner changes. I’ve tried the horizontal layout and the hourly layout. This year, I’m going with vertical. Another big change: I’m using the softbound planner instead of the traditional coiled planner. With this change comes a change to the sizing of the book (and stickers), so I thought I’d share the sizing I’ve gotten figured out (this sizing is for the vertical layout of the 8 x 10 softbound Erin Condren planner).

Month Pages


organized for 2020
3.5 cm (h) x 20.5 cm (w)
1.4 in (h) x 8.07 in (w)

Days of the Week

organized for 2020
1 cm (h) x 4.2 cm (w)
0.39 in (h) x 1.65 in (w)

Month Squares

organized for 2020
4 cm (h) x 4.5 cm (w)
1.57 in (h) x 1.77 in (w)


organized for 2020
19.5 cm (h) x 4 cm (w)
7.68 in (h) x 1.57 in (w)

Weekly Spread

Month Title

organized for 2020
4 cm (h) x 4 cm (w)
1.57 in (h) x 1.57 in (w)

Vertical Box Dimensions


Top Boxes
6.2 cm (h) x 4.2 cm (w)
2.44 in (h) x 1.65 in (w)

Middle Boxes
5.8 cm (h) x 4.2 cm (w)
2.28 in (h) x 1.65 in (w)

Bottom Boxes
5.6 cm (h) x 4.2 cm (w)
2.20 in (h) x 1.65 in (w)

Half Box (Bottom)

3.5 cm (h) x 4.2 cm (w)
1.38 in (h) x 1.65 in (w)


14.7 cm (h) x 4.2 cm (w)
5.79 in (h) x 1.65 in (w)

Have a blast creating, printing, cutting, and using your own stickers! It’s what I’m going to do as I use my planner to track the progress I’m making in my WIP.

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Header image courtesy of STIL.

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