Oh, hey there!

bree crowderIf it’s your first time here, hi! My name is Bree and I’m a writer and editor living in Canada. I started this blog in 2014, after I’d graduated with a B.A. in English and graduate certificate in Creative Writing and didn’t know what on Earth was next.

I kicked off my editorial career as an Editorial Intern with an established literary agency, where I read unrepresented manuscripts, wrote reader’s reports, and advised agents about requests. I launched my freelance writing and editing business at the same time. Shortly after my internship ended, I was hired on as an Editorial Literary Assistant with the same agency, and spent almost three years in that role before transitioning into higher ed.

In my job, I wear seven thousand hats (okay, I’m exaggerating, but I do wear a lot of hats). My job means exploring something new every day, which is really exciting and also sometimes a little scary.

Here, on my little corner of the internet, you will find book reviews of stories that haunt me long after turning the last page. You’ll find blogs on craft and the trials and triumphs of working on a project. There are likely to be many, many posts about baking, crafts, and travel. I aim for this space to be a place to fill up your personal cup; a place you can escape to, even for just a little while, to gain the perspective and/or encouragement to pursue whatever lights your soul on fire.

Let’s get to it. Work hard, hustle harder. We’ve got this.