Tiffany Schmidt

Tiffany Schmidt is the author of Send Me a Sign and Bright Before Sunrise. Her Once Upon a Crime Family series will begin with Hold Me Like a Breath (a reimagining of The Princess and the Pea centered around crime families that traffic human organs), on May 19, 2015. When not writing or reading, Tiffany's usually chasing her impish twins (The Schmidtlets) around their house in Pennsylvania. She's a firm believer in Happily Ever Afters and writing kissing scenes first — inspired, no doubt, by her very saintly husband.

  • These Words Matter: Tiffany Schmidt

    These Words Matter: Tiffany Schmidt

    The world is a magical place for a child with an overactive imagination. I was never without an adventure, never without a story. But the world is also a lonely place for those who can’t figure out the implicit rules—who never quite understand the social cues they’ve missed while they were daydreaming. I was an imp, Matilda, Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I was Rainbow Brite, Jem, every princess from every fairy tale, and I was the knights and princes too. She-ra, G.I. Joe, Punky Brewster… you name it, I was them all. And I had a perfect older sister. She was the Beezus to my Ramona, the…