Angelica R. Jackson is a writer and avid naturalist living in California. In 2012, she started Pens for Paws Auction, which features critiques and swag from agents and authors to raise money for a no-kill, cage-free cat sanctuary. She also serves as the Illustrator Coordinator for Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators CA North/Central region. Her debut novel is Crow's Rest, a darkly funny young adult urban fantasy.

  • These Words Matter: Angelica R. Jackson

    These Words Matter: Angelica Jackson

    With a learning disability that wasn’t diagnosed until college, I was not an early fan of books. That seems shocking to me now, considering how books have shaped my life and career since then. I can’t even remember my mom or dad reading to me. They had their hands full keeping my three older brothers injury-free, and were not always successful with that. So, learning to read was a true struggle for me once I got to school. I started first grade in the lowest reading group, and I hated the teasing that went along with it. Stubborn, I spent a few weeks reading through our home encyclopedias and whatever…