To Do Notion Template (Minimalist Theme)

Jumping into Notion can be very overwhelming. Let’s be honest: it has so much functionality, it’s almost too much functionality (I mean, not really… but kind of). Have you been playing around with the idea of using Notion but don’t know where to start? A to do notion template might just be the perfect place!

Simple, classic, and the perfect place to start your Notion adventure. If you do choose to use and customize it, share it with me! I’d love to see how you make this template your own.

Notion is an excellent tool not only for life organization, but for organizing writing projects and outlining. Keep an eye out if you’re interested in writing-related Notion pages–I’m going to share some of the ones I’ve made over the coming weeks!

Psst. If you liked the PDF outlines I released earlier this year, you’ll want to check back here–they’re getting a… different look.


Header image by Jess Bailey.

Bree Crowder is a writer of dark and strange tales, and a freelance editor. She holds a B.A. in English, a graduate certificate in Creative Writing, and an M.A. in Creative & Critical Writing. Writing, reading, photography, and travel are a few of her favourite things.

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