The Write Critique

The Write Critique

So, you’re looking for a critique partner. Has it been a bit of a journey? It isn’t just you–finding the right critique partners is hard. Then, even when you do find the right ones, sometimes those partnerships don’t last.

Writing can be lonely. Lonelier still, when every piece of querying advice (good querying advice, I’ll say!), is to have critique partners read your manuscript before submitting it to agents/before self-publishing it.

But how do you find these elusive partners?! There are so, so many ways. These are some you might like to try:

There’s quite a mix of writers in here, and it can be a bit difficult to navigate, but many people find their long-term critique partners here!

Associations can be a really great way to meet people writing in your genre, foster friendship, and then become CPs!

If you haven’t listened to the Manuscript Academy podcast yet, please do yourself a favour and listen! It’s wonderful, insightful, and very uplifting.

I have had some luck with the Critique Partner Matchup! It’s a bit of a mixed bag, so you’ll need to be very specific about what you’re looking for if you decide to post.

Megan Lally has been at #CPMatch for a long time, and the event has some awesome traction, so it’s worth giving a go!


These are all really good ways of searching for a CP. However, they might not work for you. Personally, I find it difficult to connect with someone over email alone; it’s delayed, detached, and some people’s personalities (mine included!) don’t necessarily translate over email. These methods also provide no real way to find critique partners who have the same writing goals as you.

Critique partners are a big deal. You’re going to trust this person with your manuscript; your most beloved, hardest-worked piece of writing. You wouldn’t hand your manuscript to a complete stranger on the street and ask for constructive feedback; why would you hand it to a complete stranger on the internet?

This is why I’ve started The Write Critique. I want to foster a community on the internet that feels a little less impersonal. In The Write Critique, you will have the opportunity to connect with other writers not only in your genre, but at the same stage of the writing process as you!

In an effort to keep this server filled with people who are seriously seeking critique partners, it is invite-only and inactive members are regularly removed. If you’d like to join our Discord server, please fill out the form below.


Header photo by David Travis.

Bree Crowder is a writer of dark and strange tales, and a freelance editor. She holds a B.A. in English, a graduate certificate in Creative Writing, and an M.A. in Creative & Critical Writing. Writing, reading, photography, and travel are a few of her favourite things.

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