Relying on Online Platforms

Relying on Online Platforms Today is the six year anniversary of the day I first uploaded “Silence is Deadly” to the internet. It has had several homes over the years, unfortunately, due to the nature of the web. The internet fosters constant change, which makes me wonder: how can anyone be relying on online platforms… Read More Relying on Online Platforms


The Journey: Writing Talent

I’ve thought a fairly long time about writing something like this before finally diving in now. Really, it’s about writing talent: knowing you have it, utilizing it, and having it fostered. My favourite online writing has always been personal pieces by authors about their writing journeys. Laura Dower’s brief and somewhat inconsistent blog about her… Read More The Journey: Writing Talent


Writing Online: It’s Worth It

Writing Online: It’s Worth It There are many online writing platforms out there, chief among them Wattpad and Figment. I’ve written previously about my really positive experience with HarperCollins’ Inkpop. If that didn’t convince you that writing online is a good idea, I hope this will.


NaNoWriMo: World-Building

Okay, so, it’s the last day of NaNoWriMo! You made it, congratulations! Now the real work begins. More than likely, 50,000 words isn’t going to be enough to finish the first draft of your novel. Maybe you’re only halfway through. NaNoWriMo was this freeing experience that allowed you to just jump right in with little planning.… Read More NaNoWriMo: World-Building


Things Non-Writers Say

On the NaNoWriMo forums this year, there was a fantastic (in a horrifying and hilarious kind of way) thread talking about the things non-writers say to writers during November (and just generally any time of the year). Below is a collection of some I’ve come across myself and a reaction to the comments. “What’s your… Read More Things Non-Writers Say