• How To Support Authors You Love

    support authors

    The reasons to support authors are endless, not least of which is that authors need financial support in order to justify writing. Authors are up against a myriad of tirades, a lot of which they’re expected to handle alone. In these areas, only readers can help support authors. Buy Books by Your Favourite Authors I realize this is not plausible for all readers, but if it is, do consider buying books. If it isn’t financially feasible for you to buy books, visit your local library. If the title you want isn’t at your local library, request that they get it in. It is never okay to download a pirated copy…

  • Stealing Books & Downloading Leaks

    stealing books

    Stealing books: it’s a problem that’s been plaguing the publishing industry for decades. Open any of the books you own and read that first page with the copyright. See the bit that says “If you purchased this book without a cover…”? Stealing books existed long before they were being “leaked” on the internet. Now, stealing is just easier. Getting ARCs and galleys before official releases is something that’s relatively new for me. I’ve been getting them from publishers and authors for about a year. I feel incredibly honoured to get a book before its release date, and have worked very hard in order to be sent them. Unfortunately, sharing that…

  • How Published Authors Find Their Critique Partners

    Critique Partners

    So, you’ve written this book. First of all, pat yourself on the back. That is a huge accomplishment, and one that you should feel proud of. Congratulations! Now what? Well, you’re going to need some critique partners. Critique partners are people who offer insight into your novel before you reach out to agents/editors/publishing professionals of any kind (or if you’re self-publishing, definitely before hitting “publish”). The real mystery is how to find them. How do you find dependable, insightful people with whom to share your work? Four lovely authors have graciously agreed to share their stories of how they found their critique partners, in the hopes that this will help you…

  • YALLFest 2015

    YALLFest 2015 1

    So, last weekend I hopped a flight (well, two) to Charleston, South Carolina for YALLFest 2015. It was a long way for this Ontario native to go for books, and it was so worth it. YALLCrawl I enjoyed YALLCrawl just as much as the day of panels. There were 17 authors all over downtown Charleston signing books. I couldn’t believe how many people came for the afternoon before YALLFest actually kicked off. I finally got to visit the legendary Blue Bicycle Books, and it was PACKED with pre-signed books. As Veronica Roth’s signing lines required wristbands that were handed out hours before I got there, I wasn’t able to see…


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