Short Stories


Guide to Weird Writer Problems of NaNoWriMo

Quirk Books – Nov 2018

“NaNoWriMo is such a wonderful and terrible time. It’s wonderful because there is an entire community of writers working toward a similar goal.

It’s terrible because, well, let us count the ways…”

Characters Who Realized They Were Better Off Alone

Quirk Books – Feb 2018

“Without further ado, here are some beautiful, strong women who decided they were better off alone than with their significant other.”

Friendships in Literature We're Thankful For

Quirk Books – Nov 2017

“Happy Thanksgiving, Quirk readers! In the spirit of giving thanks, we wanted to share some of the literary friendships we’re feeling thankful for at this time of year.”

Sidekicks People Like Better Than the Main Character

Quirk Books – Aug 2017

“Let’s be honest. […] Sidekicks are the unsung heroes of lots of stories; they’re the comedic relief, the voice of reason, the support without which main characters likely couldn’t do what they have to do to bring a story to its conclusion.”

5 Beautiful, Easy-to-Read Novels Even Non-Bookworms Will Love

HelloGiggles – Jun 2016

“I am an avid reader. Having worked professionally in the world of books and reading and words, I feel confident saying: everyone, with the right book in their hands, can be a ‘reader’ too.

Often, if people don’t discover a love of reading early, they’re resistant to finding that love. The good news is that there is a wealth of literature in the world and it only takes one really good book to make a reader out of you. Verse novels in particular are an excellent choice if you’re right now thinking, ‘but I’m not a reader.’”

4 YA Authors Candidly Speak Up About Rape Culture

Bustle – Mar 2016

“March has been a time of exciting YA releases, chief among them Amber Smith’s The Way I Used to Be. Told over a longer span of time than is typical for YA fiction (four years rather than two months to a year), Smith’s debut explores rape culture not just during or immediately after an assault, but in the several years following. Smith, Hopkins, and two more YA authors discuss with Bustle what we mean when we talk about rape culture and why they chose to write about it.”

Four YA Authors Share Why They Write Funny Books

Bustle – Mar 2016

“With the rise of women like Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, [and] Amy Poehler […] we’re seeing women in comedy shining in the spotlight and fighting the lame stereotype that women can’t be funny. Why is this so important, and why is it important that women write comedy for young girls? Four 2016 YA authors shared their own personal answers to this question.”

Ellen Hopkins, Author of 'Crank' Talks About YA Writing and Her New Book, 'Traffick'

HelloGiggles – Nov 2015

“You probably know Ellen Hopkins as the New York Times best-selling author of the Crank trilogy. If you loved her other forays into the world of YA literature, you’re in for a treat. Her latest verse novel, Traffick, is out today. To celebrate its release, Ellen talked with us about the story behind Crank, what she really thinks about the practice of banning books, and why Traffick came to fruition.”

The Forgotten Wisdom of "One Tree Hill"

HelloGiggles – May 2015

“In 2012, One Tree Hill aired its last episode and TV was never the same, at least for me. I grew up with the series, all nine years of it. And throughout those nine years, I always knew, no matter the character, no matter the situation (which, OK, were sometimes way over the top), the series would always provide an honest reflection of what it feels like to be a teenager.”

Let's Talk About the Mega-Important Social Media Campaign, #ToTheGirls

HelloGiggles – Apr 2015

“Courtney Summers’ newest novel, All the Rage, comes out today. To celebrate its launch, Summers has started and encouraged girls all over the world to participate in #ToTheGirls, a social media campaign to promote self-esteem and let girls everywhere know that they are seen, heard, and loved.”

Just Some Holiday Movies That Make Us Feel All Warm and Fuzzy

HelloGiggles – Nov 2014

“With Halloween over, it’s officially acceptable to play Christmas music and movies, amirite?! Well, regardless of how you feel about it, it’s definitely that time of the year when our most beloved holiday movies take over TV (if they haven’t already). You’re bound to come across the classicsbut I’ve got a few more that are (in my humble opinion) the best, most feel-good holiday flicks.”

Let's Write a Novel This Month (Or At Least Give It a Try)

HelloGiggles – Nov 2014

“National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo, is an event for writers to start and finish an entire novel in November. Never heard of it? Basically, participants of NaNoWriMo write 50,000 words in 30 days. By December 1st, ‘winning’ writers have a workable first draft.”