Things I’m Proud of in 2017

The New Year is such an interesting time. All of a sudden, we collectively feel the need to make goals for the upcoming year. Everyone gets a fresh start at exactly the same time. I’m not usually one to make New Year goals, as they’re arbitrary and I don’t even remember what they were by the end of the year. Still, though, there are things I did this year that helped me grow. There are things I’m proud of in 2017.

When I think back on the things I’ve accomplished this year, I’m surprised by how much has happened. There are so many things to be thankful for; so many things to be proud of.

Things I’m Proud of in 2017

proud of in 2017
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One of my biggest prides this year is that I was asked to be my best friend’s Maid of Honour. This is a privilege that has been extended to me twice, and each time I thought, this girl wants me to stand right beside her during the most important day of her life. If that isn’t something to be proud of, I don’t know what is.

Tylar married her wonderful husband in June, and I was honoured and proud to stand by her side.

proud of in 2017

Travel was important this year…

This year, I went somewhere I’d never been before: Bahamas. I know Bahamas isn’t particularly adventurous, but we’d never been and had no idea what to expect. It was totally eye-opening. The poverty was more than I expected; I also had my eyes opened to just how much our government does for us–from keeping us safe to maintaining our roads. Visiting Bahamas was beautiful and relaxing, but it also made me appreciate home.

proud of in 2017

Finally, after years of being invited to go, I went to Kelowna, BC. I wrote about the experience on my blog earlier this year.

I had so many fantastic experiences in Kelowna and tried so many things I never normally would (like climbing a mountain and zip lining down another). These are things I’m really, really proud of. I also had my first exposure to the remnants of a forest fire, which was devastatingly beautiful in its own way.

Visiting Kelowna has given me the bug to travel more of Canada. We have so much to see right here.

Proud of in 2017

I found the BEST freaking critique partner this year, and that in itself is such a fucking feat and I am really, really proud of her and the partnership we’re fostering. I have been looking for the perfect CP for this whole year, and I finally found a gal who is the perfect balance of positivity and constructive criticism, just in time for 2018.

Together, we are shaping two manuscripts into publishable, loveable stories. We go, girl.

Really, I think my Best 9 says it all:

proud of in 2017

What have been the highlights of your year? What were you proud of in 2017? Please comment below. :)

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