• Getting Organized for 2020

    organized for 2020

    Happy New Year, friends! You know what’s crazy? We’re living in the twenties. So bonkers. As we kick off the new year, what better way than getting organized for 2020? This blog has been a pretty strictly writing-based space. I do have a solid plan for the blog this year that will definitely include writing/editing/publishing posts, but I’ve always had this yearning to post here about other things. This year, I’m going to use this space much more, with more diverse content. (I hope that excites you like it excites me.) I’m a Type-A personality with a big ol’ flourish of creative spirit. Yes, that is a difficult balancing act…

  • These Words Matter: Christine Lynn Herman

    These Words Matter: Christine Lynn Herman

    I loved stories long before I ever learned how to read. I spent my early childhood enraptured by my family’s imagination, listening to elaborate bedtime renditions of classic Grimm’s fairytales mixed with original characters my family had decided to throw in, just for fun. Most of my extended family have a fondness for a good yarn and a storyteller’s ear. A simple trip to the grocery store becomes a three-act event that hits just as many beats as the traditional hero’s journey, and our own pasts and personal histories all feel like part of a collective mythos that’s told and retold at parties and holidays. I always knew I was…

  • Book Review: “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins

    Book Review: "Mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins

    I would say all three of The Hunger Games books deserve five stars, but Mockingjay really sticks out for me. I marvel at how alive the characters feel. Katniss’ motivation is always understandable, even when she makes choices I might not. Peeta’s love for Katniss, and the devastating blow that his Capitol time delivers, is something I won’t soon forget. Haymitch’s deep-seeded self-loathing is strikingly relatable. The characters feel like they could be real.

  • These Words Matter: Kesia Lupo

    These Words Matter: Kesia Lupo

    I’d like to say I remember the first time I read C.S. Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew, but I don’t. I was probably seven or eight, though, and I remember how my paperback copy had clearly been read a lot, even before it was mine. The spine was cracked and the pages thumbed through, slightly browned with age. Someone else had known and loved this book, and that intrigued me. I eventually owned the rest of the Narnia series, pristine and new, but this one was from a different, older set. I got it first, and loved it most. Because I largely grew up overseas – an ‘army brat’ in one…

  • These Words Matter: Kathi Appelt

    These Words Matter: Kathi Appelt

    I didn’t begin my life dreaming of becoming a writer. No, I began it dreaming of being a cowgirl. I longed to put on my Stetson hat, strap on my chaps, and ride into the sunset atop my trusty steed, which was almost always a palomino. Together, my pony and I would keep the cattle herded, make sure the bad guys landed in jail, and make sure all the stars were dusted off so that they twinkled like mad in the big, open sky. It was a lusty dream, I tell you, the key and most important element being… horse! I was a girl who couldn’t get enough of them.…