These Words Matter: Emery Lord

Anxiety made me a rule-follower. It made a kindergarten teacher voice concern to my parents. Was I being punished at home for small mistakes? (“No!” my parents cried. “She’s just always been like that!”) In second grade, it made me hyperventilate in a school hallway, when I realized I didn’t have a permission slip… that… Read More These Words Matter: Emery Lord


Badass Heroines

Mother’s Day is this weekend, which got me thinking about my favourite fictional women. The numbers are staggering; there are so many strong, beautiful women in the fiction that adorn my shelves, and for that I will be forever grateful. These women have taught me about respect, ambition, and friendship. So, in time for this… Read More Badass Heroines


The Journey: Writing Inspiration

The Journey: Writing Inspiration As winter gives way to spring, I am reminded of what inspires me most: nice weather. To me, there is nothing better for writing inspiration than a good dose of sunshine, just as sunshine is good for your health. As the world comes back to life, so does my writing inspiration.


When to Break Up With a Book

When to Break Up With a Book So, when should you break up with a book? As in, when should you stop reading a book that you aren’t enjoying? It’s a question I’ve found that a lot of readers struggle with. If you start a book, you should finish it, right? Nope.