Manuscript Editing Services

** I am currently closed to new client submissions. This will be reevaluated for April 2018. Thank you for your interest and understanding. **

Welcome! I’m Bree. I freelance edit fiction and non-fiction full-time, and have extensive related experience. Here’s a snapshot of some of my credentials:

  • B.A. in English and graduate education in creative writing;
  • 2014-2015: Editorial Intern with P.S. Literary Agency (query assessment, reader’s reports for unsolicited manuscripts, copyediting for represented manuscripts);
  • 2016-Present: Editorial Literary Assistant with P.S. Literary Agency (evaluate manuscripts, provide reader’s reports, assist in preparation of proposals and manuscripts for submission to publishers, compose pitch letters for submissions, etc.);
  • Regularly work with PR representatives from major publishing houses (St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, MacMillan, Bloomsbury);
  • Regular writer for HelloGiggles, Quirk Books, and Bustle.

Manuscripts I’ve Edited (Sample):


Available Editing Services

Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript Evaluation includes a thorough read of the first 50 (double-spaced) pages of your manuscript, at which time I am able to ascertain which kinds of editing the project requires (and why).

Query Letter Critique

I have assessed many query letters through my work with P.S. Literary Agency. A query letter critique includes one thorough copyedit of the letter and commentary about optimal formatting. Strengths and weaknesses will be highlighted.

Synopsis Critique

I will evaluate a 3-5 page synopsis of your novel, ensuring all important information is included and all unnecessary information is removed. This includes a copyedit and formatting of your synopsis. I will also highlight areas of vagueness and lack of clarity.

Manuscript Editing

I offer four types of manuscript editing:

  1. Line Editing (Proofreading): Your work is read, word by word, and checked for spelling, punctuation, grammar, diction, consistency, etc.
  2. Copy Editing: Your work is proofed for all that a line edit includes, and is also edited for sentence structure. Where necessary, rewording and rephrasing is done. You do not need both line editing and copy editing, but rather one or the other.
  3. Content Editing: Your work is proofed for plot/overall message (ensuring all arcs are completed), character development (ensuring genuine thought and action), setting, symbolism, unnecessary description, etc. A content edit includes a PDF document (roughly 10-12 pages) detailing areas that need improvement and areas of strength.
  4. Developmental Editing: Your work is content edited on an as-you-write basis. This type of editing is often used for non-fiction work. Chapter by chapter, a content edit is provided as you continuously work on the manuscript.
Manuscript Formatting

Proficient in formatting manuscripts for query submissions, self-publishing in eBook formats, and self-publishing in physical formats.


Manuscript Evaluation

Fiction & Non-Fiction: $50

Line Editing/Proofreading

Fiction: $20/hour
Non-Fiction: $30/hour

Copy Editing

Fiction: $20/hour
Non-Fiction: $30/hour

Content Editing

Fiction: $20/hour
Non-Fiction: $35/hour

Developmental Editing

Fiction: $30/hour
Non-Fiction: $40/hour

Manuscript Formatting

Traditional Publishing (Queries): $80/50,000 words
eBook Publication (Self-Publishing): $100/50,000 words
Physical Publication (Self-Publishing): $150/50,000 words

Additional Options (added to price of original project)
  • Reader’s Report (fiction): $50.00
  • Reader’s Report (non-fiction): $75.00
  • Additional Query Letter Pass: $15.00 for second pass, then $5.00 per pass
  • Additional Synopsis Pass: $25.00 for second pass, then $10.00 per pass

Additional Information

Sample Editing & Fact-Checking

I am happy to provide a sample edit of 1,000 words for manuscript projects only. I do not do any fact-checking; this is solely the responsibility of the project’s author.


I specialize in YA and MG (of virtually any sub-genre), and fantasy. I also have extensive experience editing horror, women’s fiction, lifestyle, erotica, and non-fiction (memoirs and financial manuscripts).

Cover Design

I do not offer cover design services, but I work closely with a cover artist who is happy to take on new clients. Please inquire.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

I am happy to sign NDAs. However, I will only sign an NDA after an editing agreement is finalized.

  • All clients must be 18+ years old (or have parental consent).
  • For academic projects, written consent must be provided by the professor for editing services.
  • All payment must be made in response to an invoice (all figures are in USD).


“Bree Crowder is an editor who doesn’t merely correct, but improves. Every 5 star review my books receive are as much down to her hard work as they are mine, and without her input my errors, both glaring and benign, would escape into the world.”
– Iain Rob Wright, Bestselling Author of Horror & Suspense

“I am so impressed and happy with Bree Crowder’s work. Her editing skills are top notch. She communicated with me the whole time and provided feedback that I have never gotten from other editors. She finished the job right on time and provided exactly what I was expecting. I would recommend Bree to all!”
Nicola Mar, author of A Red Tale and Santa;

“As copyeditor for my Trader Wizard series (2015-2016), Bree Crowder was supremely skilled, organized and professional–everything I was hoping for.”
Bill Cara, author of Lessons From the Trader Wizard

“Bree Crowder is a pleasure to deal with. She is communicative and went above and beyond to get it right. I will definitely use her again. Thanks Bree!”
– Eddie Z., author of What It Takes: The Secrets of Becoming a Successful Trader

Bree did exactly what she said she would, in the time and amount of hours she estimated. When I added more work to the project last minute, she was adaptive and tackled the new word count with ease. Friendly, professional. Hire Bree.”
Thomas A. Fowler, author of The Writer’s Conquest: Establish a Brand

“Bree’s technical expertise and patient guidance (and red pen) made Broken more enjoyable for the readers in ways I wouldn’t have had the courage.”
– Greg Yates, author of Broken

“Bree not only edited and proofed my children’s stories, she also noted and then added flow and depth to my line structure. My stories are enhanced for her efforts. I will absolutely be working with Bree again.”
Tiger Chaplain, author of the Little Dragon books


Please Note: I am not currently able to take on new clients. This will be reevaluated for April 2018. Existing clients, please inquire about workloads for specific timeframes.


If you’re ready to get a quote (or to work together), please use the contact form below. You will receive a response to this submission within one business day (if the next business day listed on the calendar says “closed,” this response time is not applicable).