Current WIP: LW

I shared the aesthetic board for my current work-in-progress (herein called LW), on Twitter recently. It’s a YA urban fantasy set in Toronto, Ontario. A CP encouraged me to do it after hers (deservedly so) got such positive response.

I am so out of my shell, y’all. I’ve never done anything like this before, and to be honest, doing this has got me on the edge of my seat. Here, on this page, I’ll be sharing snippets about my current WIP, LW.

LW is filled with a special kind of magic, and I hope you love it as much as I do. This is the project I’ve worked hardest on in my life, and I can’t wait to share more with you.

About LW

Eighteen-year-old Mackenzie Wilder knows exactly where her life is headed, and then a young boy drowns in the river. By the time she gets to him, he’s already dead. After a gruelling fight with a freezing river she manages to save the boy. Her vision is taken and replaced with numbers she can’t explain, and the water she battled is now at her mercy.

Determined to make use of the gift she’s been given, Mackenzie seeks out people who are like her. She finds a small crew of them, including handsome, cold, mysterious Leo. Just when Mackenzie starts feeling comfortable, murderous threats make their way to the group.

Now, it’s personal. Mackenzie’s family is in hiding, and the crew must travel to New York City to learn more about Trackers and how to fight them. One thing is clear: Trackers are trying to draw them out, to identify and group them.

The last time people were rounded up like this, they were burned alive at the stake.

Aesthetic Board

Current WIP LW


Current WIP LW

Current WIP LW

Current WIP LW

Current WIP LW


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