Character Outline Notion Template (Supporting Leads)

Supporting characters, particularly the ones in our protagonist’s immediate circle, have a significant impact on the plot of a book and on our main character’s growth. Have you ever heard the saying, you are who you spend time with? This is true, and so it goes without saying that we need to know exactly who our protagonist spends most of their time with. Who are the supporting leads?

Just as we looked at making our protagonist three-dimensional, we need to ensure our supporting leads are three-dimensional. That being said, we don’t necessarily need to know as much about them as we do our protag, because we don’t ever get inside their head — supporting leads do not lend any insight into the point of view, so we don’t need to know those deep, dark intricacies like we do with our protag. What do we need to know? Let’s take a look at a character outline Notion template for supporting leads.

If you’d like more information/context for sections in this template, check out the original outline, where you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of each section!

Header image courtesy of Lukas Blazek.

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