• plot outline

    Plot Outline Notion Template (Main Plot)

    A main plot outline is meant to detail the three act structure of the main plot. The main plot is the big, over-arching story; the story that takes the entire length of the novel to tell. The main plot is the big, catastrophic, life-changing adventure that your protagonist goes on. So, without further ado, let’s discover what a main plot outline might look like.

  • The Write Critique

    The Write Critique

    The Write Critique provides the opportunity to connect LIVE with other writers in your genre AND at the same stage of the writing process!

  • Character Outline Notion Template (The Protagonist)

    A character outline is an excellent tool to use when learning about your protagonist. In order for a character to feel three-dimensional, the author must know enough about them to write them authentically. Not everything from a character outline will make it into the book, and that’s okay: this is to give you, the writer, a solid grasp on who they are, how they’d behave, and why they’re on the journey of the novel. This character outline targets that which I think is most important to explore in a character, and my outline is always evolving.

  • novel timeline

    Creating a Novel Timeline

    What’s a novel timeline? It is one of the most useful drafting tools we writers have. It is the document that details when each major and minor event will occur. This isn’t just useful for ensuring all of those events make it into the book, it’s useful in ensuring that there is progress/development, in some shape or form, in every chapter.