Sarah Everett

Sarah Everett is the debut author of Everyone We've Been (October 4, 2016) and a second untitled novel that she is still hard at work on (both from Knopf/Penguin Random House). Her interests include science, Friends, tennis, and reading. She currently lives in Canada where she attends graduate school and writes YA novels.

  • These Words Matter: Sarah Everett

    These Words Matter: Sarah Everett

    To be totally honest, I don’t remember which book made me a reader. There were many of them. But maybe I’ll just tell you about one of the books that started everything. The first time I read Charlotte’s Web was in the third grade. We read it as a class and right from the very first words, I was hooked. Talking pigs, talking spiders? Talking spiders who were friends with talking pigs? I’d read lots of other fantastical stories, but for some reason, this one was different. The book took us several days to get through, and every time we stopped for the day, I’d feel this anxious, restless tug…