Jenny McLachlan

Jenny McLachlan got her start writing Flirty Dancing while teaching English to high school students. In 2013, after attending the Winchester Writers' Festival, Jenny pitched Flirty Dancing to Julia Churchill, a brilliant children's fiction agent at A.M. Heath. She was quickly signed by Bloomsbury to write the four books in The Ladybirds series, the latest of which came out on March 10, 2016.

  • These Words Matter: Jenny McLachlan

    These Words Matter: Jenny McLachlan

    When I began to think about which book turned me into a reader, I went on an enjoyable trip down memory lane. I soon realized that certain books (and their characters) were as alive in my mind as my actual memories. I had moved from book to book, in an apparently seamless journey of page-turning. There were, of course, some books that were particularly special. When I was 7 years old, I formed a colouring-in club with my neighbour, Mary. We coloured-in for six weeks solid. By the end of the summer my felt-tips were in such a bad state, sucked dry. At the same time, I was reading Tove…