Jennifer E. Smith

Jennifer E. Smith is the author of Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between (2015), The Geography of You and Me (2014), and This Is What Happy Looks Like (2013). She earned a master's degree in creative writing from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and her work has been translated into thirty-two languages. She currently lives in New York City.

  • These Words Matter: Jennifer E. Smith

    These Words Matter: Jennifer E. Smith 1

    It’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t a big reader. When I was little, I would glance nervously between my book and my alarm clock, flipping the pages faster as my bedtime approached. When it did, I’d tiptoe down the stairs to ask my parents for fifteen more minutes, which would inevitably turn into another fifteen minutes.  And another. When it was finally time to turn out the lights, I would lie on my stomach in front of my bedroom door, yawning as I read just a few more pages in the wedge of light from the hallway. I was also obsessed with animals as a kid.  I…