Christine Lynn Herman

Christine Lynn Herman writes books about magic, monsters, and growing up. She is the author of The Devouring Gray (out now from Disney-Hyperion) and a sequel (2020). You can find her in the nearest forest, trying to figure out how to become a tree.

  • These Words Matter: Christine Lynn Herman

    These Words Matter: Christine Lynn Herman

    I loved stories long before I ever learned how to read. I spent my early childhood enraptured by my family’s imagination, listening to elaborate bedtime renditions of classic Grimm’s fairytales mixed with original characters my family had decided to throw in, just for fun. Most of my extended family have a fondness for a good yarn and a storyteller’s ear. A simple trip to the grocery store becomes a three-act event that hits just as many beats as the traditional hero’s journey, and our own pasts and personal histories all feel like part of a collective mythos that’s told and retold at parties and holidays. I always knew I was…