• Home Notion Template (Autumn Theme)

    Home Notion Template

    Happy Fall, y’all! I know, we’re right around the corner from Christmas (thank God), but I thought I’d share the Autumn home Notion template I’ve been using this year! Use This Template Header image by Joanna Kosinska.

  • To Do Notion Template (Minimalist Theme)

    To Do Notion Template

    Jumping into Notion can be very overwhelming. Let’s be honest: it has so much functionality, it’s almost too much functionality (I mean, not really… but kind of). Have you been playing around with the idea of using Notion but don’t know where to start? A to do notion template might just be the perfect place! Simple, classic, and the perfect place to start your Notion adventure. If you do choose to use and customize it, share it with me! I’d love to see how you make this template your own. Notion is an excellent tool not only for life organization, but for organizing writing projects and outlining. Keep an eye out…

  • NaNoWriMo Stickers (2020)

    NaNoWriMo stickers

    Seriously, where has 2020 gone? For being a really shitty year (sorry, no other word will do), it’s flying by. NaNoWriMo is right around the corner. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, what are you waiting for?!), you’ll know that I’ve been in a big ol’ writing slump lately. I know a lot of people associate NaNoWriMo with stress and pressure, but it’s one of my favourite times of year. There is no other time that the writing community feels more bolstered, more alive, than during National Novel Writing Month. This year, I’m going to track my writing progress in my Erin Condren* planner. If you’re looking…

  • Creating a Novel Timeline

    novel timeline

    The outlines I’ve already created for my WIP (main character, main plot, supporting leads, and subplots), focus very heavily on the what, but don’t offer any clarity as to when things will happen. We need a novel timeline. What’s a novel timeline? Well, dear friends, it is one of the most useful drafting tools I’ve ever created. It is the document that details when each major and minor event will occur. This isn’t just useful for ensuring all of those events make it into the book, it’s useful in ensuring that there is progress/development, in some shape or form, in every chapter. Think about some of your favourite books. Why…

  • Character Outline: Supporting Leads

    supporting lead

    Supporting characters, particularly the ones in our protagonist’s immediate circle, have a significant impact on the plot of a book and on our main character’s growth. Have you ever heard the saying, you are who you spend time with? This is true, and so it goes without saying that we need to know exactly who our protagonist spends most of their time with. Who are the supporting leads? Just as we looked at making our protagonist three-dimensional, we need to ensure our supporting leads are three-dimensional. That being said, we don’t necessarily need to know as much about them as we do our protag, because we don’t ever get inside…