• Habit Tracker Notion Template

    habit tracker

    We’re all guilty of it–forgetting to do those simple daily things that help take care of our overall health and wellbeing. Already using Notion for work/school/life? Add a habit tracker in there! Use This Template Header image by Gabrielle Henderson.

  • Home Notion Template (Christmas Theme)

    Tis the season! It’s my absolute favourite time of year, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I Christmas-ify everything I can–including Notion. Use This Template Header image by Annie Spratt.

  • Home Notion Template (Autumn Theme)

    Home Notion Template

    Happy Fall, y’all! I know, we’re right around the corner from Christmas (thank God), but I thought I’d share the Autumn home Notion template I’ve been using this year! Use This Template Header image by Joanna Kosinska.

  • To Do Notion Template (Minimalist Theme)

    To Do Notion Template

    Jumping into Notion can be very overwhelming. Let’s be honest: it has so much functionality, it’s almost too much functionality (I mean, not really… but kind of). Have you been playing around with the idea of using Notion but don’t know where to start? A to do notion template might just be the perfect place! Simple, classic, and the perfect place to start your Notion adventure. If you do choose to use and customize it, share it with me! I’d love to see how you make this template your own. Notion is an excellent tool not only for life organization, but for organizing writing projects and outlining. Keep an eye out…